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Nicole M. Woodstock -

"Sit and Stay Pet Sitting recently watched two of our dogs while went went away for the weekend. We called them last minute as our previous plans for pet care fell through. Donna, the owner, was very accommodating and extremely professional. After meeting with her I felt completely sure that my dogs were going to be in great hands. She sent updates through text message, which also including pictures of our four legged family members. :) I highly recommend this company."

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What People Are Saying...

Michelle C. Canton - 

"Donna took care of our horses (7) for a week while we were on vacation and did a wonderful job. She is prompt, thorough, caring and very trustworthy and reliable and went beyond the call of duty helping out in an emergency situation with an older horse. I do plan to have her help out again and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone that has older horses that require special care and attention. She clearly loves animals and can be trusted to provide excellent care and properly handle emergency situations."

Clare S. Canton - 
"Donna is a trusted neighbor and friend if mine. She is a hardworking and dedicated person."

Sue M. Marietta - 
"Fantastic!! That's the word I use to describe Donna. My four pups just LOVE her and she is exceptional with their care. I highly recommend her."

Brandi C. Woodstock - 
"Finding someone that you can trust is very hard to do now a days. I interviewed Donna on 5/7/15 for a job in December. I have six big dogs so I decided to let them be the judge. One of my dogs (Lucky) is very unsure of strangers and never goes up to anyone without barking aggressively. When she arrived she opened her car door to let them meet her. Lucky immediately went up to her without barking and carrying on, he even jumped up on her lap to greet her. By the time we got into the house he let her hug and kiss him, which for him is unheard of. She stayed for 1 1/2 hours and we even took all of them on a walk, my dogs do not walk on leashes since we live in the country and she did great. She is firm yet very loving which is needed for 6 big dogs, they never questioned her authority. The next week I called Donna back to see if she would be able to come 4 days the following week to check on my babies while I was at our business. She made sure she fit me into her busy schedule. She sent me text messages when arriving and leaving my home, she also sent pictures of the babies which I loved to see. She is absolutely wonderful myself and my dogs just love her. I have looked around quit a bit and her fees are great and also her being licensed and bonded gave me that extra piece of mind. If your looking for a house/dog sitter please give Miss Donna a try you will not regret it. Thank you for providing me with the BEST caregiver possible!!"

Kelly B. Canton - 
"Donna is a neighbor/friend of ours and was fantastic at watching our not so easy to handle Bull mastiff, Rusty, for an entire week. He's about 145lbs and thinks he's a Yorkie. Since it was his first time staying at home alone (he doesn't do well at all in a kennel. We will never do that again.), we expected for him to have several accidents in the house to punish us for leaving him. Thankfully that didn't happen!! He rarely pulls on his leash anymore, which is huge for us, and he's overall getting more well behaved. We will continue to use Donna as our dog sitter from now on! She's wonderful, and Rusty loves her! "

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Imagine this!

You complete a long day at work and come home and start on your second job taking care of the kids, cooking dinner, doing laundry, and cleaning up. You find in the corner of your living room, your four legged furry friend has either chewed up your favorite pair of shoes and/or left a nice calling card on the carpet for you to scoop up because he didn’t get out for a walk today. Do you just want to burst at the seams?

Sit and Stay Pet Sitting has a solution to your problem!

​Sit and Stay Pet Sitting can help you relieve some of the stresses of your day to day chores by taking your buddy out for a nice long walk with much needed play time! 

We can be there for you! The benefits of having a pet sitter/dog walker are endless! Your pet has daily exercise to drain his energy, interaction to relieve anxiety and a schedule that is maintained daily. The benefit to you is no more rushing home hoping that your pet can “hold it” and no guilt about him being crated all day while you’re working. All this resulting in less stress for you! 

When you’re at work or out of town, you want to make sure they’re with someone who will love them just as much as you do.  Sit and Stay Pet Sitting can guarantee you with continuity of service so that that you will never worry about a sitter being sick or not being able to show up; there will always be someone there you can trust to care for your fur babies while your gone so you can relax when it matters most!


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